How to land a job in the EU?

Dreaming of landing a well-paid job in the EU institutions? Thinking of having an impact on EU policy? Know that first you must navigate the EU recruitment jungle. Tune in to discover where to find the right information, what to expect from the recruitment exams, and what obscure acronyms such as “EPSO”, “CAST” or “FG IV” really mean. Our guest, Chiara Bellani, who has worked in the EU Commission for several years, helps us untangle the EU selection process.

Hosted & produced by: Victor Aguilar & Alexander Roth

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2 responses to “How to land a job in the EU?”

  1. Chiara Bellani Avatar
    Chiara Bellani

    I had a lot of fun discussing my EU career with you! I hope the episode will help listeners to clarify some steps in the process of EU job hunting and recruitment.

    1. EU Untangled Avatar
      EU Untangled

      Thanks for coming to the podcast with your great input!

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