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  • What is a Spitzenkandidat? 

    What is a Spitzenkandidat? 

    Discover what a Spitzenkandidat is, the story behind its creation, and how it works, or doesn’t. From its origins to the current candidates and the tug-of-war between the European Parliament and the European Council, we dive deep into this key element of EU politics.

  • The three towers: how many seats to rule them all?

    The three towers: how many seats to rule them all?

    Join Victor Aguilar and Alex Roth as they tackle the fiery debate surrounding the European Parliament’s odd arrangement of having a “single seat” but multiple places of work. Why do hundreds of parliamentary staff travel monthly between Brussels and Strasbourg? Is this practice a symbol of unity or an outdated extravagance?

  • Can the EU engineer innovation?

    Can the EU engineer innovation?

    Innovation is at the heart of human progress. The printing press, the steam engine, the automobile, and now AI have led to industrial and social revolutions. In modern history, Europe has been the cradle of countless technological innovations, but more recently it seems to be playing catch-up with other regions. The EU is aware of…

  • Tracking the ups and downs of cross-border train travel in the EU

    Tracking the ups and downs of cross-border train travel in the EU

    Let’s be honest, how often do you take the train when crossing borders in the EU? We know flying is anything but sustainable. Yet, the prospect of jetting to our family, friends, or holiday destination fast and (ahem) cheap is all too tempting. Trains have a hard time competing against planes: booking is complicated, trips…

  • How to land a job in the EU?

    Dreaming of landing a well-paid job in the EU institutions? Thinking of having an impact on EU policy? Know that first you must navigate the EU recruitment jungle. Tune in to discover where to find the right information, what to expect from the recruitment exams, and what obscure acronyms such as “EPSO”, “CAST” or “FG…

  • The curious case of constitution creation

    A constitution lays the foundations for how a society is organised and the fundamental principles that must underpin all laws and government decision-making. But how much do constitutions really impact our daily lives? Should they be updated to reflect rapid societal changes? How would you even go about making a new constitution in the first…