The three towers: how many seats to rule them all?

Join Victor Aguilar and Alex Roth as they tackle the fiery debate surrounding the European Parliament’s odd arrangement of having a “single seat” but multiple places of work. Why do hundreds of parliamentary staff travel monthly between Brussels and Strasbourg? Is this practice a symbol of unity or an outdated extravagance?

We discuss the practicality and cost of this system, citing concerns over inefficiencies, environmental impact, and logistical nightmares. But we also highlight the historical and symbolic importance of Strasbourg, arguing that it represents peace and balance within the EU. Could a single place of work simplify the operations of the house of EU democracy, or would it undermine the very ideals upon which the EU was built?

Tune in for an interesting debate and explore whether tradition or transformation should prevail in the governance of the European Parliament. Engage with us across our social platforms—your thoughts might just shape the next episode!

See EU next time!

Hosted & produced by

Victor Aguilar & Alexander Roth

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